Targeting Chronic Fatigue in Sjögren’s Syndrome

by Prof. dr. Rinie Geenen

On the actual World Sjögren’s day, we share this self-help booklet on targeting chronic fatigue in Sjögren’s Syndrome by Prof. dr. Rinie Geenen, who is a psychologist at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He was involved in the development of treatment programs and international guidelines for the treatment of fatigue and pain in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases.

This booklet offers tips for targeting chronic fatigue in Sjögren’s. First, personal factors that can influence fatigue are mapped. Next, it explains how those factors can be tackled.

Sjögren Europe is grateful to Prof. Geenen for his permission to publish this booklet.

Read the booklet below:

You can also download the pdf file of the booklet here.